• Autumn Crown

    Size: 10"h x 11"w

  • Grooming Bobcat

    3"h x 7"w

  • Back Off! (javelina and babies)


  • Catch Up!

    Size: 4"h x 7"l

  • Night Moves

    Size: 15"h x 10"w

  • Desert Bighorn Bookends (Sold Out)

    Size: 12"h

  • Gettin' Gone

    Size: 6"h x 14"w

  • High Plains Drifter

    Size: 26"h x 28"w

  • Lion Wall

    Size: 6"h

  • Touchy Situation (Racoon)

    Size: 17"h x 24"w

  • Scents of Summer

    Size: 22"h x 27"w

  • Scents of Summer - Baby Skunk

    Size: 12'h

  • Slipping Out the Back Jack

    Size: 5"h x 8"w

  • Stalking Bobcat (Sold Out)

    Size: 18"h

  • Sunning Turtle

    Size: 6"h x 9"w

Wildlife sculptures in bronze by Diana Simpson.