• Nina and Chiquita

    Size: 18"h and 40"h

  • Jenny's Treasure

    7 "h x 7"w

  • Buen Amigo

    Size: 18"h

  • Learning the Ropes

    Size: 8"h x 18"l

  • Mother's Pride

    Size: 8"h

  • Buffalo Skull

    Size: 3"h

  • Breakaway

    Size: 7"h

  • Jackalope

    Size: 4.5" h

  • Saddle Still Life (Sold Out)

    Size: 4"h

  • Hare Trigger (Sold Out)

    Size: 4.5" h

  • Udderly Content

    Size: 15"h x 30"h

Western sculptures in bronze by Diana Simpson.