• Downhill Run (Sold Out)

    Size: 13"h x 11.4"w

  • Test of Wills

    8.5"h x 9w

  • Field of Dreams

  • Roan's Delight

    Size: 7"h x 8"l

  • Follow Her Lead

    Size: 12"h x 14"w

  • Rolling Thunder

    Size: 13"h x 11.5"w

  • Waiting on the Boss

    Size: 11"h x 12"w

  • Stepping in Style

    Size: 13"h x 24"w

  • Cheyenne Head Study

    Size: 25"h

  • Spirit of Cheyenne

    Size: 56"h x 60"w

  • Spirit of Cheyenne Maquette

    Size: 9"h

  • Stepping Out

    Size: 9"h x 11"w

  • The Rub (Sold Out)

    Size: 6"h

Horse sculptures in bronze by Diana Simpson.